Specification Detail
Technology Wavefront Aberrometry
weight 1.3kg
Accommodation Control Open View
Measuring Wavelength 785nm
Spherical Range -10D to +10D, increments of 0.01D,0.125D,0.25D
Cylindrical Range +6D, increments of 0.01D,0.125D,0.25D
Axial Range 0-180,increments of 1,5,10 degree
Interpupilary Distance Range 47 - 78 mm continuous
Device Dimensions 11*6.5*3.25 in (28*16.5*8.25 cm)/1kg
Intended Patient Population 5-85 years old
Dilation Required None
Cyclopegic Requirements None
Specification Detail
Calibration Requirements None
Office Illumination Requirements Works in any illumination
Specialized Furniture Requirements None
Storage / Transport Travel hard shell case included
Data Acquisition Video
Pupil Size 2 - 8 mm
Laser Safety Class |
Interfaces Bluetooth
Battery Specifications 6-8 Hours of Operation ; 6 Hours charge time
(8 hours for initial charge)
Time per Measurement 10 seconds per eye

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